"When I arrived, I was in a wheelchair… but since the surgeries and physiotherapy, I can do everything myself"

While working on her farm on the outskirts of Baghdad, Faleeha stepped on a landmine which exploded and left her with factures in her hand and severe damage to her face. Her left leg was so gravely wounded that at a local hospital it had to be amputated below the knee. After the amputation, Faleeha was referred to the MSF Hospital in Amman for reconstructive surgery. Here the orthopaedic surgeons operated on nerves in her hands and elongated the tendons in order to mobilise the joints. In addition, Faleeha, was referred to a prosthetic specialist where she was fitted with a prosthetic leg. Since then, the physiotherapy department have worked closely with Faleeha, helping her to walk on her new prosthetic leg, and to again use her hands for daily tasks.

“When I arrived, I was in a wheelchair, I was completely dependent on my son to feed me, dress me and bathe me. I wasn’t able to use my hands at all. But since the surgeries and physiotherapy, I can do everything myself. I feel much more comfortable now, and I am hoping with more physio to return to my home in Iraq walking independently.”